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                                              Celebrating 27 Years of Support for Volusia County Public Schools


Established in 1985 to increase business and community involvement in public schools and to provide programs and activities beyond the financial capabilities of the school district, the nonprofit foundation is the only organization that provides assistance to all public schools in Volusia County.


Upcoming Events

Nov. 1: Teacher of the Year Reception

Nov. 8:  Tomorrow's Leaders Seminar I

Nov. 13:  TSIC Leadership Council

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Working together for the students in Volusia County Schools!

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Many thanks to Dr. Maryann Bull and staff for hosting our Teacher of the Year Reception on November 1st!  We could not have done it without you!



                                                             November, 2012

Dear FUTURES Supporter,

Election Day is almost here!  It is an extremely important election for the Volusia County School District.  Please take time now to learn about the school district's one mill referendum that is on the ballot for a voter decision.  Extensive information can be easily accessed on the school district webpage at

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Endorsed by FUTURES Board of Directors

It All Started in 1985........

In 1985, the song "We Are the World" and the movie "Back to the Future" were hits and much in the spirit of those two blockbusters, the FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools was born.

FUTURES was formed by members of the business community.  These visionary leaders knew that having a high quality public school system was vital to building a growing, thriving economy.  For FUTURES 28th anniversary in 2013, we'll be celebrating the foundation's achievements and recognizing its successes.

With the inception of each program, from Teacher of the Year to Take Stock In Children, FUTURES has further directed resources toward areas of identified need, increasing community involvement and support, and encouraging open communication between the community and our schools.


  • To motivate and encourage creative and innovative educational programs
  • To assist students in preparing for the workforce of tomorrow
  • To encourage and increase business and civic involvement with the school system
  • To recognize outstanding achievement by students, teachers, and support staff
  • To assist in the recruitment and development of the highest quality teachers
  • To raise the level of public understanding and support through improved communication and distribution of information
You, your company or organization can be a part of FUTURES, for more information please contact Foundation Director Kelly Ferguson at 386.255.6475 ext. 50730 or email:


Laurie Bonk, CORE teacher at Mainland High reports that she recently received the materials purchased from her mini-grant.  She stated, "I now have living plant and animal cells to teach cellular respiration and photosynthesis! Fun, Fun, Fun"


Please tell us what you are working on and send pictures!  We love feedback on your Mini-Grant projects.


FUTURES is pleased to announce the following students selected for the 2012-2013 Tomorrow's Leaders program.  These students completed their orientation session on October 29th at Atlantic High School and will participate in their first seminar - Health Care & Social Services on November 8th.

Atlantic High School: Ashley Epling, Krista Ford; DeLand High School: Brittany Clemente, Tiffany Findley, Selena Velazquez; Deltona High School:  Brenna Calhoun, Ashton Langrick, Barbara Sanchez; Mainland High School:  Dillon Blackman, Sarah Bowen, Frederick Denny, Edward Rapoano, Kady Webb; New Smyrna Beach High School:  Erica Kochis, Anthony Little, Kaitlynn Wines; Pine Ridge High School:  Ezequiel Muriel, Dakota Stanford, Abigail Workman; Seabreeze High School:  Carson Bell, Travis Hanson,Cassandra Moothart, Erin Overbey;  Spruce Creek High School:  Doaa ElTemtamy, Hera Jamal, Chloe Milthorpe, Ben Rachman, Madison Santos, Priya Sathyanarayan, Paxton Shamlou, Brian Vaughn; Taylor Middle High School:  Alexa Roscoe, Angie Torees, Yeni Verdel; University High School:  Milena Canete, John Heiland, Joseph Pizza, Joseph Warren.                                  


FUTURES acknowledged the Superintendent's Outstanding Achievement Award nominees and winners at a reception held on October 23rd and the DeLand Administration Complex. 

Superintendent's Outstanding Achievement Award winners Marsha Hartman of Atlantic High School and Bexaida Leiba of Pine Ridge High School.  CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and nominees!

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