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Cynthia Perrick Ramirez, Executive Director
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Tammi L. Collins, Administrative Assistant
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Kimberly A. Grimes, Administrative Assistant
386.255.6475 ext. 50728

Take Stock in Children Staff

Shimene Shepard, Program Coordinator 
386.255.6475 ext. 50724

Laura Reece, College Success Coach 
386.255.6475 ext. 50729

Justine Florez, College Success Coach
386.255.6475 ext. 50726


Paul and Shirley Clare

Why is public education important to you? 

 Paul - Education really    gives people opportunities in  life. Education is the great  equalizer in our society. An  educated workforce is  essential to our nation's 
 future. Education allows you  to compete with the rest of  the world, keeps you from  being isolated. The United  States is going to create a  lot of good jobs in the future, and that will require a well educated workforce.
What do you see is the most pressing need facing Volusia County Schools? 

Shirley - We need to instill in students the need for a good education. They should want to learn. They should be taught from infancy, not taught later, but from the beginning. Make it an advantage for them to learn. There's a need for parent involvement. This is where you see gaps in education. Some parents work with kids at an early age.

 What method have you chosen to benefit FUTURES? 

Charitable Remainder Unit Trust

Where do you want to see FUTURES 5, 10 years in the future? 

Paul - Keep expanding role as critical link between business community and Volusia County Schools. Whenever a new employee started with Hudson Tool and Die, they would ask about the quality of education in our schools. It's important for good schools to get into good colleges. 
Kathy Fletcher

 Former FUTURES Board member, Kathy  Fletcher, is the former owner of Sylvan  Learning Centers in Port Orange, Orange  City and Ormond Beach. She was born in  Arkansas, but grew up in Colorado. She  received a BA in Japanese, English and  Education from Washington University in St.  Louis and an MA in Education from University  of Denver. She has two grown children, a  son, Zach, and a daughter, Meredi. Before becoming Executive Director of Sylvan she taught middle and high school.

Why is public education important to you? 

It's my life, my passion. It's what I do.

What do you see is the most pressing need facing Volusia County Schools? 

The need for highly qualified teachers. If we don't put highly qualified teachers in the classroom, we're in trouble. Excellent teachers create excellent learning environments. It is becoming difficult to find qualified teachers because fewer people are going into education. In addition, surrounding counties are paying more than Volusia. That's why I sit on the Teacher Recruitment Committee for FUTURES. One area of recruitment that we have not tapped is the veteran teacher area. That's where resources could really make a difference.

What do you think of FUTURES? 

FUTURES has a fantastic mission to support public schools. It's a prime example of how a public education and private business partnership can come together for the benefit of our children.

What method have you chosen to benefit FUTURES? 

FUTURES is named as a beneficiary on my life insurance. I also give annually because there needs to be some immediacy as well.

Where do you want to see FUTURES 5, 10 years in the future? 

I think the best thing they are doing is the Endowment Fund. This ensures the future for our mission and our programs. As our resources and endowment grow, we'll find other appropriate ways to benefit the schools.

Are there other areas where you give your time? 

Presently, I'm president of the Volusia Literacy Council, which is another passion of mine. I'm on the board of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). I have chaired the Leadership Daytona Council Board and Ormond Beach Chamber Education Committee. I stay active in education issues.

Was there a teacher who influenced you greatly when you were a child? 

Yes, my 5th grade teacher, Miss James. She really cared about her students. She taught the girls how to knit and allowed us to keep three guinea pigs in the classroom. Their names were Jethro, Ellie May, and Jeb, after the Beverly Hillbillies.

What started your interest in education? 

I always wanted to be a teacher and I think I was born to be one. I used to read to my dolls. At Sylvan, I got to see the light bulbs come on and it's so rewarding.


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